Lucy Choi London, women’s footwear shop in Hyde Park,London W2 2AH

18 Connaught Street, Hyde Park, London W2 2AH

Established at the same Connaught Village store previously inhabited by her iconic uncle, Jimmy Choo, this represents not simply a continuation of the world-famous shoe family dynasty – but the start of an exciting new era.

Lucy Choi launched her brand in 2012, pioneering the next generation of luxury women’s footwear. She has combined her impressive heritage, fashion credentials and design expertise to establish a quality shoe label that is sophisticated, playful and affordable. With her uncle Jimmy as a role model, Lucy learned early on about the importance of character, comfort and craftsmanship, which have seemingly fused to form the founding ethos of her brand.

And what a place to set up shop! Lucy says she knew that Connaught Street would be the perfect location because of the natural synergies between her boutique label and the famous community ‘feel’ around Hyde Park.

From the beginning, Lucy Choi’s collections have focused on sleek and wearable classics with a twist. The brand’s signature is epitomised by a ‘Rock ‘n’ Royal’ theme, inspired by the two Kates – the edgy Kate Moss and the classic Duchess of Cambridge. Some shoes express a sense of ‘Rock’, some ‘Royal’, and some a striking combination of the two. All have the essential wow-factor!

18 Connaught Street
Hyde Park
London W2 2AF
020 7402 3434

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