Farmers Market on Cramer Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4EW

Cramer Street Car Park, Cramer St, London W1U 4EW

If you’ve just moved into the neighbourhood and are wondering what to do on Sunday, how about exploring your local Farmers’ Market. Housed in Cramer Street Car Park, a short walk from exquisite apartments to rent in Marylebone, this well-stocked weekly market with its fresh, tasty produce is a hit with food enthusiasts across London and the locals who visit it regularly.

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The presence of 30 to 40 stalls marketing top quality items on any given Sunday offers plenty of variety. Drop by Dallaways Cherries and Chegworth Valley Juices for a refreshing glass of fruit juice and if the idea of spending sunny holidays picking sweet cherries and picnicking with your family in East Sussex appeals, enquire into Dallaways annual ‘Rent a Cherry Tree’ scheme.

DGJ Tanner always has a stock of seasonal vegetables, ideal for large, filling salads. They sell out pretty quickly so, make sure you halt at this stall as soon as you arrive (we recommend going early in the morning). At the Riverdale Farm stall, you’ll find numerous organic vegetables and their baked apples are a treat if you’re in the mood for a light snack.

Pause at Dr. Izzard’s Wild Country Organics stall for oriental salad leaves - a bag of these unique greens will last you all week. You can buy free-range eggs and flavourful cheese from FW Read and Son and outstanding cuts of beef, lamb and pork at the Galileo Farm stall. Several kinds of poultry are available at the Layer Marney stall presided over by the friendly James Coe.

Stop by beekeeper Sandra Gilmore’s stall for mouth-watering Honey Fudge and a jar of her unparalleled Honey Mustard. This charming lady also sells honey on-the-comb and beeswax candles, which always make great gifts. Award-winning pies from The Parsons Nose are a good lunch option as is the tasty, made from scratch, Lasagna sold at Seriously Italian.

The ready-made Crab Galate from Madame Gautier, a stall run by a friendly Anglo-French couple is worth sampling as are the handmade Fish Cakes at the Longshore stall. For savoury muffins, pop into The Bow Belly and if you have a sweet tooth, don’t leave without a slice of Valerie’s Maple Frosting cake and a few traditionally baked goods - available at Honey Pie Bakery.

Marylebone Farmers Market,
Cramer Street Car Park, 
Cramer St, 
London W1U 4EW
Telephone: +44 20 7833 0338

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