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No matter if you are a residential management company, a right to manage group or a freeholder, our Block Management team are ready to deliver.

We are entrusted with more than 1,000,000 square feet of prime London residential space and we collect rent and service charges in excess of £10,000,000 every year. Our clients range from major property companies such as British Land and The Howard de Walden Estate. They include high end developments that require Blue Riband levels of VIP services and discretion for tenants.

Our Block Management department is made up of a dedicated team of professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to meet your needs.

There is a statutory need to operate an audited complaint procedure in the event of client dissatisfaction. We absolutely adhere to that requirement and a copy of our procedure can be found here.

At Kay & Co, we offer company secretarial admin duties which include:

  • Streamlining transfer of shares/membership on a property sale.
  • Maintaining statutory books.
  • Maintaining a registered office at our company address.
  • Attendance at Board/AGM meetings when required.
  • Issuing relevant notices.
  • Minuting meetings.
  • Preparing and filing Annual Returns.

Despite collecting over a billion pounds of service charges each year from leaseholders for the upkeep of their buildings, the leasehold management sector is currently unregulated so anyone can set up as a managing agent and start trading. This has led to inconsistencies in service levels and has dented consumer confidence in managing agents.

Kay & Co is fully compliant with The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Service Charge Management Code. Furthermore we are members of The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) and are proud to holders of their ARMA-Q accreditation, the new regulatory regime for residential leasehold managing agents.

Leaseholders, who use ARMA-Q accredited agents to manage their property, will be guaranteed a number of safeguards including:

- Higher professional standards and levels of customer care.
- A transparent and open service.
- Access to an independent regulatory panel.
- Regular audits of procedures and client files by ARMA

To achieve the accreditation, managing agents must demonstrate that they comply with more than 160 rigorous industry standards. It’s the first time such measures have been introduced for managing agents in England and Wales, where there are over two million leasehold properties.

Annual maintenance is an important aspect of Block Management and ensures your property is kept in tip top condition. Good planned maintenance helps save money in the long term and it also ensures that all residents live in a safe and incident free environment. We are not tied to specific suppliers and use a variety of contractors to ensure that you always receive the best market rates.

Kay & Co prides itself on our strong financial control and debt management. We deal effectively – and sensitively – with the collection and management of your service charge funds.

High quality financial control is an essential part of the running of your building – it’s the backbone of a successful management service. Our comprehensive financial reporting includes service charge year end accounts, quarterly actual vs budget variance reports, detailed expenditure analysis, monthly fund reconciliations. We produce regular void schedules for our developer clients and credit control reports on debtors and arrears collection.

We understand that financial reporting requirements varyfrom client to client, so we are happy to adapt our reporting and procedures to meet your specific needs. We use market leading management and reporting software and our systems are fully compliant with the RICS Service Charge Management Code.

Health & Safety is a key commitment for Kay & Co and is a priority for all our employees. We use an independent consultant to undertake annual fire and building risk assessments, with regular reviews.

Property Managers provide support and advice for on-site staff, and clients and ensure that all potential risks are controlled and managed.

Contractors on our approved list have all submitted documentation to confirm that they are properly accredited for the work they do and comply with current legislation.

Are you currently engaged with another managing agent and would like to hear more about how we could improve your building or estate?

It takes only 3 steps to switch:

1) Get in touch for a no obligation proposal – simply click here to start the process.

2) If you decide to change managing agents, you will have to give notice to your existing agents.

3) We will begin advising you well before the agreed handover date and liaise with all parties to ensure a smooth transition.

We work strictly within ARMA guidelines and ensure that all documents and records are transferred in good order, so we can start managing your property properly from day one.

Kay & Co are regulated by the FCA and work through our Insurance Brokers to offer you the best arrangements for your property.

If you are not living in your property full time, this service from Kay & Co is designed to give you peace of mind. Should there be an emergency that needs dealing with urgently, or providing access to contractors such as cleaners, builders or decorators, we are there to let them in. It also allows us to pay regular visits, deal with mail and check that all is secure and safe. And should we notice anything untoward, we will report back on work that is needed, along with quotes for the same.

If you are looking to add a concierge service to your building, we are happy to make arrangements and provide the level of service required for the resident’s needs and budget. This ranges from having someone in the property during working hours to receive packages and deal with contractors, right the way up to a five star blue riband team of professionals, who are trained to deal with the demands of the most discerning resident.  Whatever your needs, Kay & Co has a solution and please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss in more detail.

We’ll develop plans in conjunction with Freeholders or directors in order to undertake maintenance works on the building which includes re-decoration and refurbishment projects. We also provide property maintenance services that are able to react to emergencies that occur, any time of day or night.

An inevitable part of owning property is the occasional need for major work to be carried out. It comes with the largest financial burden but with careful planning and management, we can look to mitigate costs and ensure all parties are aware of what’s being planned for the next five and ten years.

We recommend implementing a reserve or sinking fund, so that when works go ahead, everyone is aware of the plan and no one has a nasty and unexpected surprise.

Rest assured – we offer a 24/7, 365 days of the year emergency support service to all our managed properties! If our offices are closed, we work with support partners who clients, lessess and residents can access round the clock, with a wide variety of trades on offer. This emergency service has access to Property Managers and Directors should the need arise.

For emergency out of hours support, please call 03452 604882

Our team is here to take away all the concerns and pressures of managing a building. When you call us, be reassured that a real live property management expert will answer within a few rings and that they will be in a position to assist you. No automated answering and a bunch of press button options from our team!

We believe in establishing a long term relationship with clients, gain a clear understanding of their requirements in order to provide the correct service for each instruction. All our clients are different and the Kay & Co team will adapt our management services and fee to suit the need of each client.

With an office hours service backed up by our out of hours team, it means you have the reassurance of cover whether it’s the evening, weekend or bank holiday. We have a pool of contractors that have passed our exacting standards and ensure that their rates are competitive. It means that all our residents and clients can be reassured that we spend their money wisely. And if you want to establish a limit on spending in order to have total control of expenditure, we can easily arrange for that to happen.

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